2 thoughts on “Video of panel discussion on Marxism and Anarchism

  1. Beats me where Liu Shaoqui tells people to obey in his book How to be a good communist.He talks a lot about submerging your personal interests and promote the best interests of the party the people and the world revolutionary movement.
    “..they must sharpen their vigilance, intensify their self-cultivation in proletarian ideology and always preserve their pure proletarian revolutionary character so that they will not fall into the rut of earlier revolutionaries who degenerated in the hour of success.”
    “And At no time and in no circumstances should a Communist place his personal interests first; he should subordinate to the interests of the nation and of the masses. Hence selfishness, slacking, corruption, seeking the limelight are most contemptible, while selflessness, working with all one’s energy, whole hearted devotion to public duty, and quiet hard work will command respect.”
    It also strikes me as odd that Lui published this book in the 1930’s. Really no one noticed that he was urging people to be obedient in a completely counter revolutionary way.


  2. I have come across one reference where Liu Shaoqui states that party members should obey the party. It’s in his May 1945 work On the Party, chapter Concerning Character of Our Party, Point 5


    I didn’t think that it was too remarkable, the party was at war and had a military like structure. I would have thought that obedience to higher authority would have been pretty standard in such circumstances.


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