Europe did the world a favour

“Marx recognized the dual character of western expansion. He was disgusted by European barbarity and hypocrisy, but he also saw their marauding as the means of eliminating the fast frozen backward conditions that prevailed in the rest of the world. It was necessary if the world was to move forward. In particular communism could not have emerged out of these backward conditions”


– David McMullen


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One thought on “Europe did the world a favour

  1. Europe did the world a favour? Really? I mean really?
    The pre eminent European power Britain and its number one colony India is a good counter example of the “Marxist” idea that Britain did anyone a favour. Britain ruled in India for about 400 years during which time India was de-industrialised “The economy of India under the British Raj describes the economy of India during the years of the British Raj, from 1858 to 1947. During this period, the Indian economy essentially remained stagnant, growing at the same rate (1%) as the population.” The British managed to produce the Bengali famine in the 1940’s, some favour. What raised India out of the Imperial mess was a 2 fold process, one lead by Gandhi to get the blood sucking British out and then the the process lead by Prime Minister Singh to integrate the Indian economy into the world economy, much like the 2 fold process in China one fold lead by Mao to unify the country and rid it of foreign devils and the other fold lead by Deng again to integrate the Chinese economy into the world economy. Now there are those who think that local leaders were too backward to advance their countries without European “help” but this is not so, if you compare Indonesia to Japan. Indonesia had all the resources necessary to develop modern industry oil, rubber, minerals its only impediment was that Europeans were doing it this “favour”. Japan on its own and without the benefit of abundant resources and European favours was able to produce a modern industrial society.
    I object to the idea that slave owners and drug dealers, white supremacists and advocates of genocide did anyone but themselves a favour.
    European rule did not develop Africa
    European rule did not develop South America
    European rule did not develop Asia
    These areas will be developed but not without the locals playing a major role.


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