Notes on Trump – 4

Interesting interview with GOP Senator Lindsay Graham:

(1) Supports my view that Trump intends to offer path to legalization for undocumented immigrants after announcing success in cutting flow of illegal immigrants so that legalization does not become a magnet for more.

” It’s frustrating for me to want to help a man who I think will do big things no other Republican would do, like immigration.

Believe it or not, I think Donald Trump may deliver us from a broken immigration system.”

That alone could swing enough votes for a second term (less hispanics voting Democrat).

(2) Also supports my view that healthcare outcome will be a single payer improvement on Obamacare supported by Democrats – nothing like the House GOP bill that was rejected by Trump’s base and never intended to be passed by Senate, (and would have had to be vetoed by Trump if it did).

“The bottom line is, the Senate is divided between Medicaid expansion states, non-Medicaid expansion states, the proper role of government. Mitch is trying to bring this together. It’s going to be tough. My advice is if we can’t replace Obamacare by ourselves, to go to the Democrats and say this.

10% of the sick people in this country drive 90 percent of the cost for all of us. Let’s take those 10 percent of really sick people, put them in a federal managed care system so they’ll get better outcomes, and save the private sector market if we can’t do this by ourselves. That’s a good place to start.”

(3) “He can’t collude with his own government. Why do you think he’s colluding with the Russians?”


2 thoughts on “Notes on Trump – 4

  1. Arthur your comment about the US embracing single payer health care by expanding Medicaid makes sense. Unfortunately it would leave out the group for whom the health care system is run.
    The Republicans have a plan where insurance companies are given free reign as opposed to Obamacare which restricted insurance companies but provided them with subsidies. The insurance companies make big profits and make big campaign donations, any health care changes are made in conjunction with this large vested interest or will have to be made in opposition. This vested interest has a lot of Republicans and Democrats in its pocket.


  2. Broadly agree that is the current situation.

    Most analysis assumes Trump is workingly (incompetently) for a Republican outcome.

    I think he is helping them demonstrate that is not possible.

    After exhausting all alternatives they have to do something that works.

    Since I wrote that post Obamacare has accelerated collapse and Democrats more than hinting want bipartisan solution.

    Watch it unfold as alternatives unravel.


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