The heat and the tennis – ‘Yes’ to team culture, ‘No’ to sheep culture

Elite sporting people are put up as role models and one may wonder what that model is.

by TomB

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The recent case of tennis players in the 2018 Australian Open having to play in 69 degree celsius (reflected) heat at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne is raising eyebrows at the minute.

Elite sporting people are put up as role models and one may wonder what that model is.

They are told what to eat, where to go and what to do. They are monitored on a potential 24/7 basis.

The culture seeps through all levels of sport. That culture of ‘do what you are told and don’t ask questions no matter how bad it seems’ is designed to develop a sheep mentality not a team mentality.

Team is about working together, making decisions together for the general good not for the good of the few who are paying you.

The idea that you are expendable and can be easily replaced and therefore have few rights is not limited to sport but is something organised sport tries to reinforce.

The culture of ‘don’t ask questions – others know better’, ‘let the rulers rule’, etc, is one that needs changing.

It is right to rebel!


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2 thoughts on “The heat and the tennis – ‘Yes’ to team culture, ‘No’ to sheep culture

  1. The managers are also employees. Both the managers and owners should be prosecuted. Allowing, let alone requiring anyone to do strenuous physical work at a temperature of 69 Celsius is the clearest possible criminal violation of health and safety laws. If they were doing it to animals they would be prosecuted for cruelty under animal protection laws. Doing it for “sporting” entertainment is an aggravating factor. Flagrant public spectacle requires prompt arrest with no bail since any reasonable sentence would include a long period of imprisonment so they would be likely to escape if bailed. Why have they not been locked up yet?


  2. think it used to get that hot in the pot room at alcoa with mega negative health side effects to boot but “the pay was good”, There is little protection for the gladiators or the workers Oh&s has improved things but nonetheless still a culture of do what you are told and sport is just a reflection of that..
    Think this is not an unusual occurrence in sport or work and unfortunately people are not organised to combat it. Of course the only solution is to change the system. GET ORGANISED!!!!


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