Good migrant/bad migrant

Political cartoons – also known as ‘editorial cartoons’ – can be very powerful, for good or bad causes.

This one is a stand-out for me. I came across it on facebook via a couple of pro-Syrian revolution groups.

I know that the Syrian refugee crisis will not be solved until the regime is overthrown and some kind of orderly democratic process developed with appropriate international support, but the cartoon draws attention to the hypocrisy of those elsewhere who support immigration restriction.

Had the bloke who rescued the child not been so courageous, he might have ended up deported one day – yet he is still the same human being.



2 thoughts on “Good migrant/bad migrant

  1. Hi Barry,

    Greetings from wonderful Saigon. Great post. One of the things that concerns me is the fact that
    this issue is almost invariably presented as a colour based one whereas I think it’s universal. Last week
    we were in Cambodia and a delightful young lady we’d been speaking to suddenly went into a rant
    against illegal Vietnamese refugees, “taking their jobs, staying without visas” the same lines. Of course
    we modded sympathetically but in Oz she would have been demonised, ostracised and probably sacked.

    Stay well



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