Notes on Trump 29

1. Others are starting to notice that a Democrat majority in the House of Representatives will spend the next two years pointlessly impeaching etc thus improving his chances in 2020.

I disagree with only the last part of the article. Trump should find it quite easy to get bipartisan results from a Congress with less Clintonite Democrats and Koch brothers Republicans than the present one. As predicted the GOP primaries have consolidated Trump’s grip while the Democrats are running “moderates” in Purple States and quite a few Sanders type social democrats in safe seats (as well as lots of noisy “identity politics” types in safe seats who will irritate everybody and ensure tactical paralysis).

Trump will find it much easier to get medicare, infrastructure spending and big deficits that he needs for re-election while still being able to rant about immigration etc.

2. Meanwhile media has convinced itself that convictions of Manafort and Cohen are massive blows against trump:



Like it even eclipses Omarosa.

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