Notes on Trump 30 – Alternative Math

Ok I give up. I was so struck by this video that I looked up the studio:

It is as subtle as a brick, but clearly plays from a teacher perspective to both sides of the current culture wars.

The parents are a liberal’s stereo type of Trumpist science denying authoritarian beleivers in “alternative facts” supported by a school board that is a Trumpist stereotype of politically correct authoritarian libtards.

I was fascinated at the first cultural intervention I have seen that sends them both up and highlights what they have in common.

But maybe that is just me.

I now suspect that it was intended purely to send up the Trumpists and was completely oblivious to also appealing to Trumpist stereotypes about the politically correct.

Could liberal film makers really be THAT oblivious? In Texas??

What do others make of it (and of the web commentary)?

8 thoughts on “Notes on Trump 30 – Alternative Math

  1. I enjoyed watching it and loved the punchline. The kid’s parents are ‘relativists’ – “There’s no correct answer”. Post Modern. So I can understand how it might be seen as having a go at both Trumpists and the liberal opposition. However, I doubt whether that is what the producers had in mind, especially when they send up the term “liberal elitists” and mock the idea of “good healthy debate”, albeit against something as absurd as believing 2 plus 2 equals 22. On the other hand, when they call the teacher a ‘Nazi’ for believing that 2 plus 2 equals 4, it can be seen as having a go at the pseudos and liberal alarmists who tend to see Nazis everywhere.


  2. I prefer Zizek when he makes it clear that the world is not just divided into Right Wingers, or PCer’s, there’s actually a Left view of the world, that goes beyond that.


    • Please give links for current Zizek items worth reading. I did look him up during Occupy wall street and again when Trump was elected and saw some of his comments were of interest for recovering some left politics. But was not willing to put up with his provocateur style enough to figure out what he meant to be taken seriously and have not loked at anything current.
      Meanwhile there is no left and people hostile to the pseudos ARE being driven to the right. Candace video worth watching to understand the phenomenon.


    • Thanks! Those links are exactly what I was after.
      Does challenge what passes for the left but still part of it.
      Sad to confirm the global catastrophizing in item 1. Interesting that no mention of economy.
      Item 2 was the most directly politically relevant. We will have to be able to reach out to both types of populist but precisely in opposition to their populism (and catastrophism). Like Trump and Bannon Zizek has some capability to appeal to populists.
      I am oriented to united front with globalists against populists on same basis as Lenin etc with “legal marxists” including the cadets as well as revisionists. That actually won over much of the nass support for populism and did not prevent the first soviet government including the left Socialist Revolutionary populists in overthrowing right SRs, Mensheviks and cadets.
      Zizek is critically tailing rather than confronting populism.


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