(Pseudo) Lefty Boot Camp

This clip from the ABC’s recently axed, ‘Tonightly with Tom Ballard’ show, is further indication that a wider range of people, including a fairly smug ABC TV comedy show, are fed up with the pseudo-left. The critique is solid and works well as satire. Of course, it has nothing much to offer as an alternative beyond getting ‘out there’ – but still very good to see.

The comedian doing the routine is Jazz Twemlow.

4 thoughts on “(Pseudo) Lefty Boot Camp

  1. Very interesting! I was worried that it was just going to be ABC laughing at stereotypes about ABC but it really got going after 1’30”.

    Seems likely more and more people will get hostile to the insanity, but unfortunately will still see it as “left” rather than “pseudo”.

    I don’t watch TV (or videos). Was dropping the show related to it not quite fitting ABC politics?


    • I’ve only watched it a couple of times – that was enough. I found that program not at all funny, and way too self-satisfied and predictable. It surprised me that the compere Tom Ballard would put such a segment on the show – maybe he is pissed off with being dumped.

      Not much good comedy these days, in my opinion. However, several years ago, I went to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and saw Arj Barker – about a thousand people there. He did a brief routine about climate alarmism – here’s a one minute clip: https://vimeo.com/16321261 Audience response is heartening, though there were a view people sitting near me who looked stern-faced.


      • Hmm interesting that ABC comperes who come off self-satisfied and predictable “come out” as hostile when dumped!

        Not sure what one minute Arj Barker clip was directed at. Laughter was canned. Might not reflect the routine you liked.


  2. It seems interesting to me. The whole PC/identity politics, with its harping about victimisation and harassment, twinned with nebulous pleas for diversity and tolerance certainly reach their target audience, the 5% of ‘left’ liberals out there. They also produce the Trumps. With no Left out there, with no one putting forward a vision for the future we’re stuck with the Right and the PC’s. Ballard’s clip has resonance.


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