Reminder of the spirit

Here’s something from my old files, from 1972, when Fergus Robinson and Brian Pola and I were imprisoned at Pentridge Gaol in Melbourne for contempt of the Supreme Court of Victoria.

I love the spirit in which my father, Loreto, wrote it – and the fact that he wrote it at all.


loreto york letter to vice chancellor myers, published in vanguard 13 july 1972

2 thoughts on “Reminder of the spirit

  1. I won’t comment on the politics; your dad did a pretty good job of that himself. In these days of self help groups, parenting programs and the like what I’d like to comment on is the quality of his fathering. As a young adult the last thing you, or me, or anyone needs from the olds are attempts to control and direct – the time and place for that have passed. What you needed from him, and what you got from him was support, standing with you and not just privately. Like you and for you he stood up to priggish and reactionary authority. He was a good bloke and a very good father.


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