Servility is abhorrent

The following poem is terrific. It’s from a site called One Poem .One Planet.


Karl Marx was playing a parlor game
with his daughters. To their question
What is the quality one should most abhor?
he wrote: Servility.

This was found–a scrap of paper
amongst the family albums and letters;
it is the most essential of all
the Complete Works.


— Robert Gray (Australia)


Thanks to Tom G for drawing my attention to it.

2 thoughts on “Servility is abhorrent

  1. Marxism consists of thousands of truths, but they all boil down to one sentence, “It is right to rebel”! For thousands of years it has been said that it was right to oppress, it was right to exploit and it was wrong to rebel. This old verdict was only reversed with the appearance of Marxism. … And from this truth there follows resistance, struggle, the fight for socialism.”

    Mao Tsetug

    “Abhor Servility” – Karl Marx
    “It is right to rebel” – Mao Tsetung


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