My phone has gone into hiding

Could anyone that sees this and has my phone number, please start repeatedly sending (tiny) text messages alternated with phone calls until it rings out to answering machine, while I hunt for it.

It is currently Friday 2020-03-20 at 12:30 pm and I am in the room where I expect to hear a very short whoosh from msg arrival (or less likely a nice long ring tone which it randomly chooses not to do).

First, please post a comment here so I know you are doing that and post another when you stop. (I will see these by email and delete or update this embarassing post when phone found or I give up and go out).

My phone was last seen in the company of another phone I carry only for listening to text to speech books. I am certain they have not escaped from the building and are hiding somewhere inside but I expected to hear a 12 noon alarm from the TTS phone in the room where I expect them to be hiding and I expected to hear it if it was in any other room. So I am very much hoping for a noise from the working phone. I remain certain they are somewhere in the building, for good reasons. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “My phone has gone into hiding

  1. After two hours sorting about 10% of the debris in this room with nobody signing to comments I am heading out for walk (and newspaper reading) till evening when I will resume sorting.

    If you are able to help please comment below (gently!) and tick the box to be notified of new comments.

    I will sign on again when I am back to resume sorting. Meanwhile no point texting or calling until I am back.



  2. Thanks for asking. I will make sure you have my number (to not use 😉 when I find or replace the phone.

    Meanwhile best wishes for next week. I was planning to call by today but you know why I haven’t and you certainly have more urgent things to do.

    I haven’t signed in again as ready for calls to help find the phone because I didn’t bother looking for it today as it made no noises at alarm times. Will probably replace it on Monday if cleaning one table of the augean stables does not flush it out tomorrow.

    Am heading out again now. Again best wishes speedy recovery.

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