Notes on Trump 54 – Heating Up

As expected things are starting to heat up.

  1. Pennsylvania constitution restricted absentee votes to limited categories. Legislation established unlimited postal votes.
    Lower Court ordered emergency delay to consider. Higher State Court allowed certification to proceed. SCOTUS now asked to nullify. Not on SCOTUS docket yet but here’s documentation so far:

Pennsylvania VBM Certification Challenge

Click to access Kelly-v.-Commonwealth-Final_Emergency-Application-for-Writ-of-Injunction.pdf

If Justice Alito issues the emergency injunction the Full Court would need to deal with the issue immediately to decide whether Pennsylvania electors participate in the Electoral College vote.

Lots of sound and fury for the next week at least.

Current situation is fairly clear. Election result was determined by votes not permitted by State Constitution.

Pennsylvania appeal court says that even if so, it was raised too late to justify nullifying the election.

This will presumably be considered together with allegations that credentialled observers were prevented from actually checking whether postal votes were being counted fraudulently.

I would be surprised if there are Pennsylvania electors participating in the Electoral College vote.

I would be astonished if there is not a lot of simultaneous screaming that this is an outrage and of reassurance that it won’t affect the final result.

In other news:

  1. US Attorney General has announced that well before the election a special investigator with similar powers to Mueller has been appointed to investigate the whole Russiagate exploding heads phenomenon with notification of this delayed until after the election. I expect more outrage, with more liberal exploding heads, further consolidating a mass right wing party in the USA.
  2. Georgia election official has warned of serious death threats and danger that somebody could get killed.

I think that is very real. I haven’t seen any plausible indications the Georgia result could be overturned and certainly no risk of civil war. But things are already hot enough to expect some deaths on both sides.

  1. Vaccine approvals being rushed through very shortly after December 8 deadline for election disputes. Cold storage shipment facilities already being organised by airlines and military for 20 million or so by the end of the month and year. I would be surprised if Trump fails to do a grand tour inserting his branding into the event.

One thought on “Notes on Trump 54 – Heating Up

  1. Republicans have now asked Pennsylvania Supreme Court for a stay of its decision while SCOTUS case proceeds (restoring the lower court decision to prevent completion of the election until hearings on dispute.

    This repeats the arguments presented to SCOTUS so that Pennsylvania Supreme Court can either vacate or come up with some more plausible response than the derisive dismissal so far:

    Click to access 2020-12-02-Ancillary-Application-for-Stay.pdf


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