Uneasy lies the head… Bertolt Brecht

I came across this poem, written by Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) in the 1930s, in an edited collection called ‘Student Power’ edited by Julian Nagel and published in 1969. The poem is attributed to Brecht’s ‘Svendborg poems’ collection. The poems were written by Brecht when he was in exile from Nazi Germany on the Danish island of Funen.

We need a revival of the spirit fueling the poem. Its truths remain valid – pretty much everywhere.

2 thoughts on “Uneasy lies the head… Bertolt Brecht

  1. How wonderful was Brecht with his words. Be it short sharp quotes, or lengthier pieces of work, he had the ability to explain and inspire.

    In what I find as our currently depressing political situation, I only need to turn to Brecht for inspiration. ‘Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are’. Bertolt Brecht.


  2. BTW It isn’t just communist poets and anarcho-communist poster artists. Mainstream expressions of systemic hostility are also getting sharper and better presented. eg I just noticed this excellent campaign video re Apple planned obsolescence.

    It fits with Brecht’s theme re the vital importance of parasites at least as well as it does with the consumer reform concerns of its sponsors. (That remains true even if they turn out to be a front for competing smartphone vendors.


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