Notes on Trump 46 – breaking news flash on Mueller report liberals outraged

It isn’t entirely clear what they are outraged about but the liberal media is heavily covering Democrat outrage about the Mueller report.

As far as I can make out they are particularly outraged that they won’t be able to convince even themselves that impeaching Trump would be a good idea so they are left spluttering about more Congressional investigations. It looks like Pelosi and the rest of the leadership will successfully avoid the impeachment trap but the sense of total deflation must be quite devastating despite the mutli-stage build down from peak Trump delusion syndrome.

The report is over 400 pages so I won’t be scanning it for any hints on whether Mueller’s team considered my theory that Trump was deliberately encouraging the lunacy. There are certainly no such hints in the two annotated guides I did read on what right minded people should think about the report but I don’t expect the media to be capable of noticing such an outlandish idea. I would be interested if anybody else has time to look for hints although it is only of historic interest now.

Here is a link to searchable pdf (via politico):

Above broken by WordPress. Here’s a working to download from CNN:

Democrats look likely to switch to a focus on persecution of harmless intelligence agency officials for doing their party duty by trying to bring down a completely unacceptable President who could not possibly have won an election. That plus saving the climate by printing money looks almost as good an election strategy as Hilary Clinton saying it was her turn.

I won’t bother linking to the usual outrage.

Here’s politico’s key findings which pretty much confirm what has been known for many months and was announced in the four page summary by the U.S. Attorney-General a few weeks ago:

Here’s the New York Times moaning about the same:

[forgot link – fixed]

Even NYT does not seem to be complaining about the redactions that Democrats have been outraged about for several weeks now. Focus is on “obstruction” with not even an ongoing attempt to pretend that there was a crime to investigate in the first place other than the crimes of corrupt intelligence agency officials in leaking conspiracy theories to a corrupt media.

But the tone is one of defeat with lots of reminders about what a wonderful story they had told so many times that it really ought to have been proved true by now.

2 thoughts on “Notes on Trump 46 – breaking news flash on Mueller report liberals outraged

  1. Fixed 2 links. Lots more coverage today.

    Looks like Democrats already splitting over whether to impeach.

    Here’s CNN staring at the invisible elephant in the room and explaining to itself that it believed the pretence that Trump was (unsuccessfully) trying to sack Mueller because…

    … because that would have been an insane thing to do that would have put the Democrats in a far better position for getting rid of him and since he is so stupid he was only prevented from doing it by a lawyer thus once again confirming how right CNN has been all along…

    “Overarching all of this is the fact that, according to Mueller, neither Trump — nor anyone in his inner circle — had committed the underlying crime of colluding with the Russians to help him win the 2016 election. Given that, it’s insane to think Trump wanted McGahn to fire Mueller — since that is literally the most guilty-looking thing you could possibly do.

    Trump may be mad that McGahn talked so much to the special counsel and took “so-called ‘notes'” of their conversations. But what the President should be doing is thanking his lucky stars that McGahn saw what firing Mueller might do to Trump’s presidency — i.e. destroy it — and decided not to follow his boss’ orders.

    If he had, Trump’s presidency would look very different today.”

    ie CNN would have been proved right if only it had not been proved wrong.

    Given that “it’s insane to think Trump wanted McGahn to fire Mueller” that is precisely what CNN’s “analysis” asks its readers to think.


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