Maoism after Mao – 1978 ‘Nation Review’ article by Albert Langer

Thoughts on this 42 years later?

I have highlighted the conclusion because I like it, agree with it and, unfortunately, could relate strongly at the time to what it is arguing against.

To make it easier to read…

One thought on “Maoism after Mao – 1978 ‘Nation Review’ article by Albert Langer

  1. I found it fascinating to read that article again. Thanks!

    It was written more than 40 years ago when I was still under 30 years old, but I still agree that Mao got it right.

    Mao was wrong about their rule being “short-lived”. They have survived longer than the revolutionary regime did. But they certainly have “known no peace” and the trend is clearly in the direction Mao expected.

    It’s a bit of a worry that my views on those issues haven’t changed much, since the world has changed a lot.

    It has been a long four decades but there are some signs things are starting to move again:

    Revolutionary theory is needed to lead revolution, but interest in developing such theory follows rather than precedes the rise of waves of mass rebellion.

    The next wave described with anguish in the report above looks like its coming from Asia, Africa and Latin America rather than Europe and North America.

    I doubt that Mao would find that surprising.

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